Two weeks to go to the Bury Congress

There are exactly two weeks to go and so far 101 people have entered (it says 97 on the Congress website, but four others have entered but not paid yet).

If you plan to play, get your entry in soon as there’s a ceiling of 172 entrants, the maximum we can squeeze into the venue.

Click here to enter (and pay) online.


On the Isle of Man, Alan Merry is having the tournament of a lifetime.   With one round still to play, he has already achieved his third (and final) International Master norm.   He currently stands on 5/8, having played four GMs (beating two of them) and four IMs (scoring an unbeaten 3 out of 4).   Every opponent has been graded over 100 points higher than him.   His tournament performance rating (TPR) is currently 2586.   If he wins his final round tomorrow against yet another GM, he will achieve a Grandmaster norm!

Alan’s Round 7 win with Black against an Israeli IM was an amazing affair.   Be sure to tune in tomorrow when the game will be published.   Warning – it involves a queen sacrifice and an extraordinary final position.

9 thoughts on “Two weeks to go to the Bury Congress
  1. No, he needs to get his rating up to 2400. He's a long way off, at 2269 currently. But he will gain at least 60 points from this tournament.

    1. Well done Alan – your first GM norm. A TPR of 2624 and a whole stack of rating points (75?) to take his rating to about 2345. Now for 2400 and the IM title!

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