Bury Knights Christmas Tournament

32 children attended the last meeting of the Autumn Term this evening at the Bury Knights Junior Chess Club.

A ‘piece handicap’ tournament was held, where the higher-rated opponent had to remove a certain number of points from his side of the board before the game started.   The highest-rated player had a handicap of 8, whilst the lowest-rated was on zero.   So if top played bottom, then the top player would have removed, say, a knight, bishop and two pawns.

The eventual winner was 9-year old Aaron Saenz de Villaverde.   This was an excellent performance by Aaron, who won all five games.   Three players were runners-up on four points: Ryan Swann, Bass Sloane-Hunter and Sammy Roberts.   Everyone received prizes of different sizes, with Aaron getting the biggest – a large bar of Toblerone!
The winner of the fancy dress competition (chess-themed Xmas outfit) was Edison Lorejo, with William Hurry as runner-up.

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