Gibraltar Masters starts today

The super-strong Tradewise Gibraltar Masters started today, with Suffolk’s only representative, David Spence (2231), seeded 142 out of 253 entrants, playing White against GM Eduoard Romain (2638).

Featuring on one of the live boards, an unbalanced but relatively equal position had been reached after 30 moves:

Black has just played 30… R(e7)-e5.   The game continued 31. Qa6?   Qa4 is level.   … Kh7   32. Bb7   Qd8   33. Qb6   Qd3+   34. Ka2?   Kc1 is White’s only chance.   Rb5   35. Qa6   Qc4+   0 – 1.   After Ka1, Qa4+ Kb1, Qb3 is winning easily.

Tomorrow, David faces a 2014-rated player from Spain.

The top seed is GM Veselin Topalov, amongst a total of 72 Grandmasters!

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