Junior 4NCL

A team from the Bury Knights is playing this weekend in the Junior 4NCL at Hinckley.

On top board is Karthik Saravanan (151), borrowed from Lowestoft to boost the strength of our team.   The other team members are Alex Sheerin (126), Anita Somton (128) and Alan John (58).

The team lost their first two matches today, but won the third.   Tomorrow they play two more matches in Division 1 of this Swiss Team competition.

Also playing, though not for the Bury Knights, is 8-year old Adam John.   He is ‘guesting’ for the Midland Monarchs in Division 2, where he has won one game out of three so far.

This sort of competition is very tough, with some of the strongest juniors in the country taking part.   To be able to win matches in Division 1 shows the potential of the young Bury Knights team.   The four members of the club who are taking part have an average age of just 11ΒΌ.

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