Is their anyone out they’re?

Just off to the 4NCL at Daventry.   In the meantime, ponder on this….

Apart from last Monday’s post, there has been a distinct lack of comments recently.   Some feedback would be appreciated, if only so I know you’re reading this!

7 thoughts on “Is their anyone out they’re?
  1. Hi Bob,

    About that misplaced apostrophe……

    Some of us are out there lurking in Cyberspace. I check in regularly just to keep up to date in the chess world.

    David Green

  2. I read your blog most days and find to keep myself informed about what is happening. his is my first ever comment on a blog so you are truly honoured, Do not know which profile to chose.

    Dave Wild

  3. I think that most authorities would prefer to see 'ponder this' rather than 'ponder on this'… Anyway, its(!) clear that the white rabbit knows his (or her?) carrots.

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