Mike at 80

Congratulations to Clacton’s Mike Coughtrey, who is 80 years young today.

At yesterday’s family party he received presents of an Ipad and a bottle of whisky, which means (he says) he is now drunk in charge of an Ipad…

It’s good to see that Mike’s chess is still going well.   Last year he attained his highest-ever grade of 128; this January he’s at 113.

In 2013 he was runner-up (with a grading performance of 163) in the Intermediate (u145) section of the Bury Congress and in 2014 lost only one game.   Keep playing Mike!

2 thoughts on “Mike at 80
  1. Congratulatiions to Mike, he is looking good for 80. But we are all living healthier and longer, isn't 80 the new 60 and 60 the new 40 etc.? By the way Michael Spalding is 78 today.

    I look at the league and county teams and they are largely the same players as 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. There are few new players coming along. What is going to happen when us 50, 60, 70 and 80 year olds can no longer play?

  2. The answer of course is to encourage more youngsters to take up the game – and not to give it up when they become teenagers!

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