National Schools Championship

On Tuesday, Woodbridge School faced the might of Haberdashers’ Aske’s School in the Zonal Final of the National Schools Championships.

Apart from top board, the Woodbridge team was outgraded by a huge margin.   The game between Justin Tan and Ravi Haria (pictured below) featured two of the strongest juniors in the UK:

Board Woodbridge Grade Result Haberdashers Grade
1 Justin Tan 241 ½ – ½ Ravi Haria 226
2 Lai Chun 122 0 – 1 Tarun Malhotra

3 Anthony Yu u/g 0 – 1 Roman Mitra

4 Taisei Tsuroka u/g 0 – 1 Lawrence Lee

5 Hugo Kelleway 95 0 – 1 Vincent Lee 152
6 Harry Rennell 87 0 – 1 David Xu 150

Adam Hunt reports:
“The scoreline didn’t really reflect the games, with all matches going comfortably into the second hour.   Anthony Yu entered a B+5 v N+5 endgame which he couldn’t hold.   Harry Rennell lost a pawn in the opening and a second in the endgame and that was that.   Taisei Tsuruoka got to Rook and 4 v Rook and 5; again which he couldn’t hold.   Predictably the last game to finish was the top board encounter where Justin Tan was a touch better but never enough to really trouble White.   Haberdashers are, grading-wise, favourites to go on and win the event.”

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