Suffolk Under 100s win the EACU

The Suffolk Under 100 team, captained by Stowmarket’s Daniel Yarnton, has won the Peter Burnett Cup (pictured right) for the EACU Under 100 Championship.

On Sunday, the eight-board team played two matches against Norfolk, winning the first 4½-3½ and drawing the second 4-4.   Because the matches between Norfolk and Cambridgeshire were never played, Suffolk win the Championship as the only team to fulfil its schedule of matches.

One remarkable feature of the Suffolk team was that they managed to field the same eight players for both sets of matches (on 7 December and 22 February).   This team consisted of four adults and four juniors.   This was their playing record:

Name Grade (July) Grade (Jan) Played Score %
Dave Wild 99 101 4 3 75
Daniel Yarnton 97 105 4 2 50
Trevor Webster e90 145 4 2 50
Rob Scott 75 70 4 63
Alan John (J) 58 97 4 3 75
Adam John (J) 24R 74 4 1 25
Tom Roy (J) 13R 41 4 2 50
Ralph Martin (J) 10R 18 4 2 50

The team has decided not to proceed to the national rounds, as it would have proved difficult to find the extra four boards required for the 12-board team.   So instead, Norfolk will represent the EACU in the semi-finals as they have received a bye in the quarter-finals.

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