Ian’s game from Lowestoft

Ian Wallis has provided the following report:

“The fourth round on Sunday morning is possibly the toughest game of a weekend tournament, coming immediately after Saturday’s tiring three games; it usually defines success or failure in the event.   Win on Sunday morning and assuming Saturday wasn’t a disaster, then you are reasonably assured a share of the prize fund.   Lose and you’re playing for pride in the afternoon.

Originally I was paired as White against Shaun Munson, a tough competitor at the best of times.   At least I was fortunate to have the benefit of a double White as his higher grade meant that he followed the colour sequence.   My record as Black against Shaun is abysmal.   I had mentally prepared to play him when just before the round was about to start the draw had to be re-done as it was realised that a player that had requested a bye on Sunday morning had been included in the draw.

My day suddenly got tougher; not only did I have to play Black, I also faced Dagne Ciuksyte, the top seed.   With no time to reassess this change of events the clocks were started and we sat down to play.   Unsurprisingly (to me) I managed to mix up my move order early in the opening, played a dubious seventh move and was faced with an inferior position by move eleven.   The prospect of trying to hold this against a stronger opponent was not appealing; drastic action was required!   The result was the following game:”

Many thanks to Ian for this detailed analysis (and well done on beating an IM/WGM).

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