Players of the Year

With the end of the season fast approaching, it’s time to see who’s leading the race to become Player of the Year in each of the three divisions of the Suffolk League.

Division 1

Adam Taylor (Manningtree)    87.5%
Steve Gregory (Ipswich)    80.0%
Mike Cook (Ipswich)    72.7%

Division 2

Malcolm Lightfoot (Saxmundham)    90.0%
Rob Sanders (Sudbury)    81.8%
Les Jones (Ipswich)    72.2%

Division 3

Phil Hopkins (Felixstowe)    90.9%
Carl Phillips (Manningtree)    81.8%
John Price (Manningtree)    81.3%
Andrew Molloy (Ipswich)    80.0%

All the above players have at least one more game to play, so the final table may look quite different.

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