Ipswich C are League Champions

Last evening, Ipswich C beat Manningtree A 3 – 1 in their final match of the season.   Although their total of 31½ points can be equalled this evening, when Ipswich A play their last match, Ipswich C will have won more matches and are therefore League Champions.

Pictured above are their team (front to back): Ted Matthewson, Silas Peck, Ian Wallis, Mike Cook.   Thanks to Jim Buis for the photo, taken before last night’s match.

As Jim points out, like the Dutch football teams of the 1970s, Ipswich C are the equivalent of ‘total’ chess.   With grades less than 10 points apart they have been playing random board order all season, making it impossible for teams to guess their opponents!

Of the 48 individual games, the four mentioned above played in 44.   Mike Cook played in all 12 matches; Ian Wallis and Ted Matthewson played in 11; and Silas Peck played in 10 matches.

5 thoughts on “Ipswich C are League Champions
  1. Well done Ipswich C.

    A well deserved reward for a consistent team effort. Truly a team!

    David Green

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