Relegation battle in the Bury League

Two Bury St Edmunds teams are fighting to stay in Division 1 of the Bury Area Chess League.

With just one match each to play, there’s one point between the bottom three teams: Bury Scarabs (18½ points), Ely Beet Bishops (18) and Bury Cobras (17½).

Scarabs play their final match tomorrow, when they have to play the League Champions, Cambridge Examiners.   If they can score 1½ points, they will survive relegation.

Then the following Thursday, Cobras entertain Ely in what is likely to be the ‘crunch’ match.   Cobras need to win to guarantee their survival, whilst a poor Scarabs result tomorrow and, say, a draw between Cobras and Ely, could mean that Scarabs would be relegated.   It’s all too close for comfort!

One thought on “Relegation battle in the Bury League
  1. With last nights result, the situation becomes a little clearer. Given all possible results (5-0 through to 0-5), the only results that would invoke a tie break is a drawn match or 1.5 – 3.5 loss by Ely. This will then bring Bury Scarabs into the equation.
    If I have interpreted the tie break rules correctly, a drawn match will relegate Bury Cobras, whilst perversely a 1.5 loss by Ely will relegate Bury Scarabs!
    Almost a winner takes all, don't know if this will help the nerves or not !?

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