The cheating grandmaster

By now, many chess players will be aware of the scandal that has rocked chess in the past few days.   At the Dubai Open, Grandmaster Gaioz Nigalidze from Georgia was caught using his phone in the toilet to access a chess program.

You can read all about it in Stephen Moss’ excellent column in today’s Guardian.   Nigalidze is the highest-rated player (2566) to be caught cheating at chess.   You can also read about the incident at the official Dubai Open website.

As Stephen Moss points out, similar attempts at cheating have been made by amateurs, where the prize money is usually much lower.   So what incentive is there for amateurs to cheat?   Has anyone experienced similar incidents (or noticed their opponent making frequent visits to the loo?

PS. On BBC Radio Five they will be discussing the incident later this evening.

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