4NCL final weekend

The last three rounds (9 to 11) were held over this Bank Holiday weekend.   The usual host of Suffolk players (26) travelled to Hinckley (for Divisions 1 and 2) and Daventry (Division 3).

In Division 1, Justin Tan beat GM Matthew Turner on Saturday, but lost to GM David Smerdon on Sunday.   Today he was paired against his mentor, Adam Hunt.   The result, somewhat predictably, was an 11-move draw.

Adam lost against GM Matthew Sadler in Round 9, but salvaged a draw on Sunday.

Alan Merry suffered two losses in rounds 9 and 10, but bounced back with a win today against an IM.   The best performance by any Suffolk player over the weekend was by Dagne Ciuksyte, who won all three games, albeit against lower-rated opponents.

In Division 2, Anglian Avengers 1 won two of their three matches and finished by heading the relegation pool, thus ensuring their survival in Division 2 next season.   Individual scores were:
Andrew Lewis 2½/3
David Spence 2½/3
Ed Player 2/3
Graham Moore 1/2
Steve Gregory 2½/3
Silas Peck 2/3 (unbeaten)

16 Suffolk players were involved in Division 3 matches, featuring the two Iceni teams, as well as Anglian Avengers 2nd and 3rd teams.   Individual scores were:
John Peters ½/3
Ian Botham 1/2
Ian Wallis 2/3 (unbeaten)
Mike Cook 2/3 (unbeaten)
Martin Fogg 2/3
Malcolm Lightfoot 2/3 (unbeaten)
Bob Jones 0/1
Steve Lovell 1/2 (unbeaten) + 1 default win
Dominic Carter 1½/2 + 1 default win
Richard Lamont 1/2 + 1 result not known
Keith Woodcock 1/2 + 1 result not known
Steve Peck 0/2 + 1 result not known
Nick Savage 1/2 (unbeaten)
John Feavyour 1/2
Jon Collins 0/2
Peter Collicott 1/1 + 1 default win

It was particularly annoying that Iceni 2’s opponents today could only muster three players.

The final points total for each of the four Suffolk-based teams in Division 3 are (18 points were needed for promotion):
Anglian Avengers 2 – 14
Iceni 1 – 11
Iceni 2 – 10
Anglian Avengers 3 – 8

Anyone interested in playing 4NCL chess next season should contact the captains of the Suffolk-based teamsIan Wallis and John Feavyour.

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