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You may be interested in this article about Carissa Yip, the USA’s highest-rated 11-year old girl.   Her current rating is 1951, well above the UK’s highest-rated 11-year old girl, Anita Somton (currently at 1474).

Claims that Carissa is a ‘Master’ appear exaggerated, unless it’s a US, not FIDE, qualification.   Good publicity, though.


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2 thoughts on “BBC article
  1. Yes, it's a US national title, not a FIDE title. These news articles are always a bit sensational if you are a reader from the chess community, but from the general public's perspective, it is very impressive to hear of a 'master'. A 1950 FIDE rating for an 11 year old isn't particularly exceptional , and there are plenty of FMs who are that age or younger , but any publicity about chess is always good, especially if it encourages girls to play chess.

    Keep up the good work with your blog! Kai

  2. She is exceptional. She was just 10 when she beat her first GM in a tournament game (Alexander Ivanov; 2578), breaking the record set by Judit (age 11) back in 1987. That's why we featured her in FIDE Student Magazine FSM101 some weeks back. Incidentally, FSM is available (by email) free to any kid who wants it and sign up (or their parents sign up for them) at – there's other free stuff there as well. Kevin (Chairman, FIDE Chess in Schools Commission).

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