Stowmarket Club Championship

With the final pairings completed last week, the 2014/2015 Stowmarket Club Championship has come to a close.   Top seed Stephen Lewis finished top of the standings with a 100% record, with second seed Dave Green close behind, scoring 4/5.

Twelve of the sixteen participants were separated by a single game or less, with 3rd and 14th only one point apart in the final scoring.   Heading this group were Daniel Yarnton (whose only loss came against Stephen) and John Player (the only player unfortunate enough to be paired against both Stephen and Dave).

Players achieving grading performances 15 points or higher than their January 2015 grades were Stephen Lewis (+24), John Player (+21), Gareth Young (+15) and Jay Kellichner (+21).

The final standings are shown below:

SoPS = sum of progressive scores (first tiebreaker)
SoOS = sum of opponents scores (second tiebreaker)
GP = grading performance (as per official gradings)
(Player grades are as at July 2014)

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