Suffolk Megafinal results

The national UK Schools Chess Challenge, sponsored by Delancey, reached its second stage today.   67 children from a number of Suffolk schools who qualified from their local competitions, gathered at Woodbridge School for the Suffolk Megafinal.

Entrants needed to score four points (out of six) to guarantee qualification for the third stage, the Gigafinal, which takes place on 11/12 July in Manchester.   It was also possible to qualify by being the highest scorer (both boy and girl) in each age-group.

Three players scored the maximum six points: Arthur Nath (under 8B) – Meadows Montessori, Ipswich; Adam John (under 9B) – Bury Knights; Anita Somton (under 11G) – Bury Knights.   Arthur Nath has an excellent pedigree – he is former Suffolk Ladies’ Champion Vicky Allen’s grandson!

The leading boy in each age-group is awarded the title ‘Supremo’, whilst the leading girl becomes a ‘Suprema’.   The following results are incomplete and will be updated soon:

Under 7B – Harry Young
Under 7G – Tia Martin
Under 8B – Arthur Nath
Under 8G – ??
Under 9B – Adam John
Under 9G – Annabelle Carter
Under 10B – Aaron Saenz de Villaverde
Under 10G – Juliet Porter
Under 11B – ??
Under 11G – Anita Somton
Under 12B – Mario Saenz de Villaverde
Under 12G – ??
Under 13B – Alex Sheerin
Under 13G – Bethany Young
Under 14B – ??
Under 15B – ??
Under 16B – Patrick Gembis
Under 16G – Alba Saenz de Villaverde
Under 17B – William Sait

Eleven of the above Supremos and Supremas are from the Bury Knights or the Bury St Edmunds club.

Good luck to all the above, as well as the other qualifiers, at the Gigafinal.

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