SCCA Committee vacancies

There are four vacancies currently on the SCCA Committee.  In order to ensure the smooth running of the League and other events, it is essential that these posts are filled.   Please give them your full consideration, as well as asking colleagues if they are prepared to volunteer.

With the previous Admin Secretary being ‘promoted’ to President, we need a replacement.   This is a relatively straightforward role, involving preparation of agendas for Committee and Annual meetings, as well as taking minutes at both.   The Secretary works closely with the President and such matters as producing an agenda are usually undertaken together.

The Correspondence Captain maintains communication with an 8-board team, which plays by email against other counties.   This season Suffolk has been promoted to Division 1.   Ideally, this role should be taken on by one of the existing team.   Provided all team members are willing to represent their county again, there should be little for the incumbent to do.

The Junior Organiser has no defined role; no one has occupied this position for several years.   It needs someone with an interest in junior chess, either as a parent or as a player who is involved with schools’ chess in some way.   The level of input depends entirely on the time and energy available.   This can be an extremely rewarding role, especially when teams are selected to represent the county.

Finally, every President needs a Vice-President.   Perhaps not immediately, but certainly well before the current three-year term expires in June 2018.   The VP is expected to take over from the President.

Please contact me if you, or anyone else you know, is interested in any of these positions.

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