Suffolk’s Correspondence team gain promotion

Suffolk’s eight-board Correspondence team, playing in the Sinclair (Division 2) section of the County Correspondence Championships, have won promotion to Division 1.   Scoring 9½ points out of a possible 16, they finished in third place out of the ten teams entered.   Both the teams finishing first and second (Essex C and Yorkshire C) are unable to be promoted, as the rules do not permit more than two teams per county in Division 1.

Each team member played two games by email against the same opponent, with Black and White.   Individual scores show that most of Suffolk’s points were gained on the top four boards:

Board 1   –   Ian Wallis   2
Board 2   –   Bob Jones   2
Board 3   –   Silas Peck   1½
Board 4   –   Phil Revell   2
Board 5   –   Kevin Greenacre   1   (two draws)
Board 6   –   Jim Buis   0
Board 7   –   Bob Stephens   1   (two draws)
Board 8   –   Jakob Tulic   0

Captain Jim Buis reports: “I mentioned at the County AGM that after well over 40 continuous years of playing for the county correspondence/email team I am going to take a break from this form of chess and am stepping down as captain.   Therefore Suffolk is looking for someone from within the current team to take over the role of captain.   It is not an onerous task and I will be more than happy to help during the transition.   It’s nice to finish on a high, so thanks and well done everyone.”

If anyone is prepared to take on this ‘non-onerous’ task, please contact me (Bob Jones).

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