Division 1 latest

With most teams having played two matches (Bury St Edmunds C and Ipswich B have played three times), the only team in Suffolk League Division 1 with a 100% record is current league champions Ipswich C (Wallis, Cook, Peck, Matthewson).

It looks as if this division could be closely fought this season.   Manningtree A have two players graded over 210 (Adam Taylor and Andrew Lewis); Bury St Edmunds B also have two 200-graded players.   But last season it was the consistency of the Ipswich C team that took them to the title, with an almost unchanged team throughout.   The grades of their team were all within ten points of each other, so it was impossible for their opponents to predict the board order.

This season, the grades are a little more spaced, with Ian Wallis 18 points clear of Ted Matthewson.   Nevertheless, some board order manipulation will still be possible, with boards 1 to 3 interchangeable, as well as boards 2 to 4.

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