World Youth Championships – three rounds to go

After successive wins in rounds six and seven, IM Justin Tan faced his Australian compatriot, IM Rishi Sardana, in Round 8 yesterday.   In the position below Justin blundered with 23. Be4??   Can you suggest Black’s winning reply?

Black should’ve responded 23… Qc7!, with a completely winning position (24. Ka1   Nxe4   25. Rb1   Rc1   26. Re1   Rxe1   27. Rxe1).   Instead, Black played 23… Nxe4!?, when White cannot take the queen on d8 because of Nd2+ etc.   After 24. Rxe4   Qc7, White made another error with 25. Rde1 (Ree1 was necessary).   Black responded 25… Ne5 and White’s position has collapsed.   Justin fought on to move 65, but was always losing.

It’s interesting that Australia has two International Masters at Under 18 level, whilst England has none….

FM Adam Taylor is on 4½ points, having won yesterday.   Adam’s Mum Debbie is Head of Delegation for the 24-strong English team, along with their six coaches.   You can follow Debbie on Twitter.

Both Justin and Adam will be on today’s Round 9 live games from 13.00.

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  1. In fact. Australia has five (not two) IMs under 18. But I am sure Alan will be one any time now for England.

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