Division 3 half-time round-up

All Division 3 matches scheduled before the New Year have been played, with the exception of Bury St Edmunds D v Saxmundham B, which is being played on 12 January.

This is the current table:

Team Played Won Drawn Lost Points
Ipswich F 6 5 0 1 17
Ipswich E 6 3 1 2 14½
Bury St Edmunds D 5 4 0 1 14
Saxmundham B 5 3 0 2 11½
Stowmarket Rooks 6 1 1 4 8
Bury St Edmunds E 6 1 1 4
Felixstowe B 6 1 1 4

Ipswich E have a 2½ point margin over their nearest rivals, Ipswich E.   But the result of the outstanding match could see that advantage slip away, with Bury St Edmunds D only three points adrift.

At the foot of the division, three teams have identical playing records (+1, =1, -4), and there’s only half a point between them.   Still, no team can be relegated from Division 3, so it’s pride they’re playing for!

Adam Leigh (Bury St Edmunds D) has won all five games to date and is level on points with Andy Molloy (Ipswich F), who has lost only to Adam.   Alex Sheerin (Ipswich F) is on 4½/6, whilst Phil Mortonson and Mike Spalding (both Ipswich E) have played four games with a 100% record.

A total of 54 players have represented the seven teams so far, with Bury St Edmunds fielding 19 players, 11 of whom are juniors, whilst Ipswich have utilised 12.   Of the clubs with only one team, Stowmarket head the list with 11 players this season, including two juniors.

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