London Chess Classic – FIDE Open

The nine-round FIDE Open ended yesterday, with Suffolk’s sole entrant, Ed Player (right), on five points.

Ed experienced one of the known pitfalls with the Swiss pairing system and a large entry (of 247 players).   Winning with White in Round 1, he faced a strong FM with Black in Round 2.   The colours alternated throughout the tournament, with Ed facing mainly lower-rated opponents when he had the White pieces, and higher-rated ones when Black.   In fact the average rating of his Black opponents (when he had White), was 2009 (scoring 4½/5), whilst his White opponents was 2372 (scoring ½/4).

The tournament was won by Dutch GM Benjamin Bok, who scored 8/9, a clear point ahead of the field.

The ten-round Super Rapidplay Open is taking place over this weekend, with Adam Taylor and Ed Player entered.   There is a massive entry of 367 players!   After five rounds today, both Adam and Ed are on three points.

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