FIDE Student Membership

The FIDE Chess in Schools Commission (chaired by former Suffolk player Kevin O’Connellright) is offering free Student Membership to all junior players.   When Kevin lived in Ipswich in the 1990s he played an important part in the success of Suffolk Junior Chess, which included national titles for the County at a number of age-groups for both boys and girls.   Kevin still writes a weekly chess column for the East Anglian Daily Times.

Student membership comes at two levels – Basic and Premium.   The latter only costs 10 euros a year.   Apparently, most of this fee goes back to the English Chess Federation (assuming you’re English!).

Click here and then go to ‘Registration’.

If you don’t have a FIDE number (most juniors don’t) then you will need to go for Basic membership first.   You will then be given a number which you can then use to upgrade to Premium membership.

There are several benefits available for both types of membership.   At the Basic level, you get a monthly newsletter and a membership card.   At Premium level you get a ‘Student’ rating, a weekly newsletter, a free gift (?) and access to a website which has various training resources.

I will be interested to hear if any Suffolk juniors take up this offer.

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