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The Tradewise Gibraltar Masters has reached the third round, which was played today.   The sensation of Round 1, as far as Suffolk is concerned, was David Spence‘s win against a 2506-rated female Chinese GM.   David (2140) is seeded 187 out of the 255 entrants.   You can play through the game, and read John Saunders’ amusing police-related puns here.   For his efforts, he had to face another 2500 GM in Round 2 (which he lost) and a third GM in Round 3, which he drew.   He now faces yet another GM in Round 4, having gained 22 rating points so far.

Justin Tan had a default win in Round 1 (did his opponent fail to turn up?) but lost to a highly-rated GM in Round 2.   He beat a lower-rated opponent in Round 3 and now faces a WGM in Round 4.

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  1. Justin's first round opponent was in the hotel venue, but did not turn up (make of that what you will ..)The organisers were rightly unimpressed. Fortunately, it is a ten-rounder and norm chances are not affected by such behaviour. I think players who deliberately forfeit (or have a history of doing so) should be penalised.

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