Players of the Season

(This is Monday’s article – it was written but didn’t get published!)

The ‘Player of the Season’ is awarded in each division to the person who has scored the greatest number of game points for one team in that division.   It is not awarded on percentage score (as shown on Dave Wild’s website).

The POTS for Divisions 1 and 2 have been decided.   In Division 1, Andrew Lewis (Manningtree A) scored an amazing 9½/10, drawing only with Bury’s Mike Harris.   In Division 2, Phil Hopkins (Felixstowe A) scored 9½/12 to finish well ahead of the field.

Division 3‘s POTS will be decided this week, when the final matches are being played.   Ipswich E’s Phil Mortonson has won all eight games played, plus won one more by default.   But he can be caught by Mike Spalding and Andrew Molloy (both Ipswich F), currently on 8/9 and 8/11 respectively but with one game still to play (tomorrow).

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