Bury League Jamboree

The annual start-of-the-season Jamboree was held this evening at Moreton Hall Community Centre in Bury St Edmunds.   12 teams participated, six of which were from the Bury club.

Before the games started, the annual trophies were presented.   Pictured below, receiving trophies from BACL Admin Secretary Steve Lovell (clockwise from top left) are:

Kevin Clark (Linton A – Division 1 winners)
Patrick Ribbands (Linton Blacks – Division 2 winners)
Giulio Sahinoz (Linton Whites – Division 3 winners)
Tim Lunn (Division 1 – Joint Player of the Year)

Linton maintained their winning habit, scoring 11½/12 in the Jamboree, with perfect 3/3 scores for Kevin Clark and the two juniors, Giulio Sahinoz and Aarnavh Trivedi.   Only Martin Pinner dropped half a point.

The League starts in earnest next week, with matches in Divisions 1 and 3.

One thought on “Bury League Jamboree
  1. A bit late with this, but thanks for organising another wondeful event Bob! Judging by the photos I clearly need to practice smiling without looking an idiot.

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