England results at the Olympiad

After the final (11th) round today, England finished in equal fourth place, level on points with six other teams.   On tie-break, England finished ninth.

Today’s match was a disappointment.   Facing a lower-rated Peru team, they could only manage a 2 – 2 draw.   Just one extra half-point would have given England the win, and fourth place on their own.

England’s Board 1, Michael Adams, was unbeaten through the tournament, finishing on 6/9, gaining seven rating points.   Gawain Jones scored an excellent 7/9, whilst Nigel Short on bottom board, scored 6½/9.   It was England’s Boards 2 and 3 who had a poor tournament.   David Howell won his first two games against weaker opposition, but could only achieve four draws from his remaining eight games.   Luke McShane scored +2, =2, -3 for 3/7.

As reported earlier, England beat third-seeded China in Round 6.   Then in Round 10 they beat fourth seeds Azerbaijan 2½-1½.   It was just a pity that England failed to take full advantage of matches against some of the weaker teams.

The full England results can be seen here.

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