First Team Captain needed

Ian Wallis has been the Suffolk First Team Captain for several years.   He announced earlier that 2015/16 would be his final year as captain.   Now we are into the new season and no replacement has been found.

The first match of the season will probably be on 16 October, just a month away.   If no one steps forward, there will be no Suffolk team.   It’s as simple as that.   Don’t expect Ian to change his mind and relent, because he won’t.

Last season some 24 players represented Suffolk, so there are 23 potential captains.   It’s not a particularly onerous task, especially if you are organised.   You send out emails well in advance of a fixture and collate the responses.   Some ‘chasing’ is necessary, because not everyone is efficient at replying.

Please let either me or Ian know if you would like to take on this role.   We need to inform the EACU Organiser (Patrick Ribbands) soon if we are not taking part this season.

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