RIP Mark Dvoretsky

The renowned chess coach and author Mark Dvoretsky has died at the age of 68.   You can read an excellent article and tribute to him here.

He published many books, some of which are available on my Amazon website:

School of Chess Excellence 1: Endgame Analysis   –   £11.20
School of Chess Excellence 3: Strategic Play   –   £11.20
School of Chess Excellence 4: Opening Developments   –   £11.20
Dvoretsky’s Analytical Manual   –   £22.20
Secrets of Chess Training   –   £12.20
Secrets of Chess Tactics   –   £9.20

To buy any of these books, you will need to go to my Amazon site and search for the book you require.   Postage is additional at £2.80 per book.

2 thoughts on “RIP Mark Dvoretsky
  1. RIP Mark. My column in this Saturday's East Anglian Daily Times contains a snippet about one of my abiding memories of Mark.

    Another of his comments about coaches was that to produce one strong player means nothing, two could still be a coincidence (although probably not), but that three players was a sure sign of a good coach/trainer.

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