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Rising from five-year old stone-cold ashes, the Ipswich Junior Chess Club is about to re-emerge into the light of day.   Prime mover Martin Tomes of the Ipswich Chess Club has laid all the necessary foundations.   All he needs now is a large number of children to turn up on Saturday morning at 10.00 am at the Ipswich Library.   The new Club will welcome children aged between 6 and 16, of any standard.

Martin has put in a lot of hard work to reach this position and he deserves active support from members of the adult club.   Every chess club needs to have a cohort of juniors ready to step into the shoes of their older members.   The success of the Bury St Edmunds club in recent years can largely be attributed to its ‘youth’ policy; the Club currently runs four teams of juniors.

The new Junior Club in Ipswich has been heralded in the Ipswich Star – see here.

Last Saturday a number of children and their parents came to the Library for a discussion on the new Club.   They were able to have a few games with members of the adult club, as well as playing on a giant chessboard.

Suffolk Chess wishes the new club every success and looks forward to photos of the first meeting!

3 thoughts on “The Ipswich Phoenix
  1. While the Ipswich Chess Club welcomes and encourages junior members, the older members are not yet ready to vacate their shoes!

  2. This comment is from John Lambert (Clacton):

    Good to see this happening; Essex Libraries are encouraging community groups to use their facilities.

    Maldon, Witham & Baddow Chess Clubs will be using their local library as a venue this season.

    Clacton are also exploring this avenue and hope to run junior chess there on a Saturday morning as an extension to Tendring Junior Chess currently being run at Engaines School, Little Clacton, after school hours.

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