Suffolk has a new IM

As reported yesterday, Alan Merry (right) needed a win today against Indian GM Avarindh (2564) in the second round of the Isle of Man International tournament to achieve his International Master title.   Despite his opponent’s +176 rating, it was Alan who prevailed in 48 moves.

Alan’s two wins in this tournament take his ‘live’ rating to 2404.   Even if his rating subsequently drops below 2400, Alan’s achievement will still stand.

Alan (now aged 19) is the third ‘home-grown’ Suffolk player to achieve International Master status.   Nicholas and Richard Pert, now aged 35, became IMs at 19 and 21 respectively, with Nick gaining the GM title a year later.

The photograph was taken a year ago at the same event.

This was the position after Black’s 45th move, with Alan (White) to play:

The game continued:   46.   b6!   Ka5   47.   Nd5   Ka6   48.   f4!   1 – 0

For his efforts, Alan gets to play Black against second seed Wesley So (2794) in Round 3!   There are 15 players on maximum points – 14 GMs and Alan Merry.

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