Suffolk Under 160s results

The Suffolk Under 160 team played two matches today at the Turner Hall in Newmarket, against Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.   The Suffolk team was not as strong as had been hoped, and this was further weakened by the absence of one team member.

In the morning Suffolk lost heavily 5 – 11 to Cambridgeshire, but in the afternoon beat Norfolk 10 – 5 (there was a ‘mutual default’ on one board, hence the score was only over 15 boards).

No Suffolk player won both games, but Ed Kirkham, John McAllister and David Green scored 1½/2.   Also unbeaten were Laurie Pott and Harold Thomas (two draws).

Top board Phil Hutchings (159) won an interesting game in the afternoon with Black against Andrew Donnelly (159) (who lives and plays in Suffolk but was born in Norfolk!):

The other results today saw two wins for Hertfordshire (11 – 5 against Norfolk and 8½-7½ against Cambridgeshire).

The next matches for the Under 160s will be on 5 February 2017, against Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

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  1. Hi Bob,

    Sorry about the excess shine on the bonce on the left, still my results show the truth of the old saying that no grass grows on a busy street!


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