Ed mixes with the big boys

At the 11th 4NCL Congress which took place last weekend at Newport Pagnell, Ed Player (left) beat IM Andrew Greet in Round 1 and then faced GM Keith Arkell in Round 2.

Playing with the White pieces, Ed ground out a long game which eventually petered out to a draw.

The game was level for most of the time, although Ed’s moves 50 and 51 might have brought about his demise.   Ed actually felt that 47. b4 was weak too.   But Keith failed to capitalise and after 61… Qg2+ the game was clearly drawn.   61… a3 might have been a better prospect for Keith.

Here’s the game:

Ed is targetting 2300 (FM level) and his estimated gain of 15 points from this event will take his current rating to 2237.   Ed’s win against Andrew Greet will be featured later.

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