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Of the three divisions in the Suffolk League, only Division 3 is making much sense.   Whilst teams in Divisions 1 and 2 have played different numbers of matches (between four and six each), all eight teams in Division 3 have played six matches, making it easier to see how things are panning out.

In a clear lead is Manningtree B, who were relegated last season from Division 2.   They have 18½ points, 3½ points clear of the two Saxmundham teams (B & C) who are in joint second place.

At the other end of the table, Felixstowe B are 2½ points adrift, with Ipswich E above them in seventh place.

Unsurprisingly, players from Manningtree and Saxmundham lead the individual table, with Adrian Sanderson (Manningtree) leading on 5/5.   Close behind is Mike Usher (Saxmundham) with 5/6.

2 thoughts on “Division 3 latest
  1. Hi All,
    Bob has highlighted a problem that arises when we try to accommodate too many individual club requirements by postponing matches far into the future.
    Yes we solve player clashes, venue congestion, driver availability and the like but the result is that some teams have played 6 matches while others have played just 4. The idea of getting each round finished in it's allocated week has gone by the board and if we want to return to the situation where at halfway through the season we have half the matches played we will have to accept tightening of the postponement rules.

    Your comments on whether or not the current situation is Ok are welcome.

    David Green Comp Sec.

  2. Personally I see no problem with teams having played a different number of games at any point in time.
    I'd much rather see flexibility in the arrangement of matches than the concession of games.

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