London Chess Classic Festival results

The nine-round FIDE Open ended this evening.   Joint winners were two French GMs, Etienne Bacrot and Sebastien Maze, who both scored 7½/9.   There were a further seven players, all GMs, on 7 points.   Early leader, 17-year old Indian GM Aravindh, faded towards the end to finish on 6½ points.

Local players Ed Player and Adam Taylor both scored 5 points.   Adam should gain some rating points, but Ed might lose a few.

The Chess Grand Tour has reached Round 7 (out of nine).   Current leader is Wesley So, the latest GM to attain the 2800 rating level.   He is on five points, closely followed by Fabiano Caruana on 4½ points.   The only English player in the event, Michael Adams, is on three points.

The photo above shows the stage and auditorium at the Olympia Conference Centre where the tournament is being held.

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