Norfolk & Suffolk Cup result

Entering this annual competition for the first time, Manningtree Chess Club last evening achieved a notable draw against current Norfolk & Suffolk Cup Champions Bury St Edmunds.   Fielding a slightly weakened team, Bury lost on the bottom two boards, but won on Boards 3 and 4.   The top two boards finished in draws.

The full results can be seen here.

Whilst the match was in progress, several players could be seen sneaking off to check on the progress of the final day of the World Chess Championship, taking place in New York.   As most readers will be aware, Magnus Carlsen succeeded in retaining his title by beating Sergey Karjakin 3 – 1 in the Rapidplay tie-breaks. &nbsp Carlsen won the final game in style.   From the position below, when Karjakin (Black) had three ways of checkmating White in one move, Carlsen played Qh6+!, forcing mate on his next move.   Karjakin resigned on the spot.

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  1. Also worth noting that if Black plays 49…Bf8 instead of Kh7 then White has a forced mate by 50 Rxf8+ e.g. 50…Kxf8 51 Rxf7+ Ke8 52 Rf8+ Kd7 53 Qf7+ Kc6 54 Rc8+ Kb5 55 Qc4+ Ka5 56 Ra8# Various other moves also force the mate, of course.

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