Ever lost on time?

Just don’t say that to Vassily Ivanchuk.   In Round 2 of the Gibraltar Masters yesterday, fourth seed ‘Chucky’ was in a winning position and thought he had made the 40-move time control.   But have a look at his scoresheet and see if you can spot what was wrong:

Yes, he missed out move 24 at the bottom of the scoresheet, which meant he had only played 39 moves.   His opponent apologetically pointed it out when the flag fell.

Along with Ivanchuk, both the two top seeds (Caruana and Vachier-Lagrave) could only manage draws, which left third and fifth seeds Nakamura and England’s Michael Adams at the top of the standings.   Both the other English GMs, David Howell and Nigel Short, also won, to take their scores to 2 and 1½ respectively.

In the third round, played today, Michael Adams leads the standings, along with eight other GMs on three points.   Both David Howell and Nigel Short are on 2½ points.

2 thoughts on “Ever lost on time?
  1. Shaun Munson phoned me to say that exactly the same thing happened to him in the Bury Congress, when Dagne Ciuksyte was the beneficiary.

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