Junior 4NCL results

Eight Bury Knights members travelled to Solihull this weekend to take part in the five-round Junior 4NCL event.   This tournament features some of the top juniors in the country.

Bury Knights were able to field two teams of four players (‘Lions’ and ‘Tigers‘).   In order that all eight players could compete, the two teams were composed of roughly equal strength, ensuring that the average grade was below the required level to enter Division 2.   An alternative approach would have been to select the top four players to form a Division 1 team, but this would have left the Division 2 team rather weak.

After a flying start, when both teams recorded 4 – 0 wins in the first round, the teams did not fare quite so well.   By the end of the event, ‘Lions’ were on five points (two wins and a draw), whilst ‘Tigers’ were on four points (two wins).

Individual scores were as follows:


Adam John   3/4 (unbeaten – 2 wins and 2 draws)
Tom Roy   3/4
Ralph Martin   1½/4
Amy John   1/4
Tia Martin   1/4


Jaden Jermy   3½/5
Rowan Kent   3½/5
Toby Martin   1/4
(two other non-Bury Knights members also played for this team: Denis Dupuis scored 2/4 and Wilfred Hill-Wood scored 1/2)

Rowan‘s performance (see photo right) was exceptional.   Still aged only 7, he had a grading performance of 120.   He is now one of the strongest players for his age in the country.

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