Game Fee to be abolished?

The English Chess Federation is proposing to abolish Game Fee.   You can read a paper on this topic here.

To summarise, Game Fee is currently payable at the rate of £2.50 per game.   This applies to all players who are not ECF members.   The ECF would like to introduce a system whereby players are allowed three competitive (graded) games free of charge, before they are required to join the ECF.   The three ‘free’ games would be allowed for each league than a person plays in.   So a person who plays in both the Suffolk League and the Bury Area Chess League, would be allowed three games in each league before needing to take out Bronze membership.

Game Fee as it stands at present, involves often small amounts being invoiced to clubs.   This is not considered cost-effective.

Leagues will be invoiced £25.00 for each person who exceeds the three-game limit (£15.00 for Juniors).   Leagues, in turn, will obviously invoice the relevant club.

This proposal does not affect ‘Pay-to-Play’ fees in congresses.

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