New members at Bury

Many chess clubs find it difficult to recruit new members, but the Bury St Edmunds Chess Club has been fortunate this season in welcoming eight new members!   One of these is Stephen Lewis, who wanted to be able to play in higher divisions than he can at Stowmarket.   He will still be playing for his original club, but will also be able to play for Bury in the BACL Division 2 as well as the Suffolk League Division 1.

Others include Sean Wickrama, Anthony Taylor and 9-year old Milan Biju.

This evening, four other new members came together to form a team in Division 2 of the Roger Goldsmith Trophy.   They are pictured below:

Left to right:   James Pack (e140), Rene Martinez (e130), Sean Ramsey (e70) and Greg Hart (e60).

Of these, the first three have all joined this year (2017), whilst Greg joined the club in November.   For the record, the team beat Bury’s ‘Juniors’ 3½ – ½.

2 thoughts on “New members at Bury
  1. Thanks for the mention, Bob! I'm very much enjoying my chess at the moment, and after several years of playing 15 or so games a season I'm interested to see how I respond to playing more frequently.
    One brief note – so far I have played for Bury in Suffolk League Div 1 and BACL Div 2. My primary team, Stowmarket A, are in Suffolk League Div 2 so that is one of the few leagues where I'm actually ineligible to represent Bury.

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