Suffolk Under 11s – 27 years ago

This was the Suffolk Under 11 team that travelled to Newton Abbot in 1990 and finished runners-up (by half a point) to the eventual winners of the National Under 11 Inter-County Finals.   How many players can you name?

Clue 1: There’s a GM and an IM (and they’re related).
Clue 2: Only one person is currently playing regularly in Suffolk.   Which one?

Answers in Comments please.

9 thoughts on “Suffolk Under 11s – 27 years ago
  1. Well I guess everyone recognises the Pert twins. Back row fourth from the left is Mark O'Connell, the older son of Kevin O'Connell (I think). I used to have one of those white jumpers although I'm not in that picture – I would've been only 7 at the time. Do you have any similar pictures from around 1993-1994 Bob?

  2. Top left: Alison Holt,Peter Templeton(?), (Not sure), Mark O'Connell, David Surry, Andrew Longfield, (Not sure), Leif Dixon. 2nd row: (Not sure), Joshua Ewing, Nick Porter, Matt Fletcher, The Pert Twins, Jay Achar, Glen Ubly, Owen Barnett. Bottom Row: John Peters, (I forget her name but she was the best footballer in the team!), Joseph Orton, David Whitehead, James Ham. -JPeters

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