A position from 1848

Bury St Edmunds Chess Club’s most senior member, Chas Szentmihaly (left), hasn’t played at all this season, following an illness in the summer.   But the good news is that he’s getting better and hopes to be back at the club soon.

He has sent in the position below, which is purported to be from an 1848 game between Mezon (Black, to play) and an unnamed opponent.   Chas thought there was some similarity with the position published here last week.

Enjoy the series of stunning sacrifices!

1…   Bb5   2. axb5   Nhg3+   3. Nxg3   Nxg3+   4. hxg3   hxg3+   5. Kg1   Rh1+   6. Kxh1   Rh8+   7. Kg1   Bc5+   8. Nxc5   Rh1+   9. Kxh1   Qh8+   10. Kg1   Qh2#

What foresight to see that Black needed to empty his back row of pieces to get his queen to h8!   Having said that, I wonder if this is a real game, or a composed position?   Does anyone know?

4 thoughts on “A position from 1848
  1. Hi Bob
    Good to hear Chas is feeling better and hoping to get back to the club soon.
    The position in your post is included in Reinfeld's 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations (puzzle 582) but unfortunately, he doesn't include details of players, venue, year etc. I've not heard of Mezon and a quick search didn't come up with any further details but it's a great finish.
    There was a fairly recent game with quite a similar finish – Alexander Baburin vs Utut Adianto in the Liechtenstein Open in 1993.

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