Alan wins in Jersey

Suffolk’s International Master Alan Merry, still aged only 20, was the joint winner of the Polar Capital International Tournament in Jersey, which finished today.   The other player to score 7/9 was Jack Rudd, the erratic but sometimes brilliant IM from Devon.   Jack has suffered from epilepsy and occasional bouts of depression over the years, which have contributed to his rating decline.   He obtained the IM title in 2009, but has since dropped to only 2177 in the current rating list.   At least this performance will elevate him some 73 points.

But back to Alan.   The tournament featured three Grandmasters and Alan scored 2½ points against them, beating Mark Hebden and Tiger Hillarp Persson, and drawing with Jon Speelman.   Surprisingly, the GMs finished outside the top three, with third place going to the promising FM, Daniel Abbas.

Alan and Jack each go home with £1,125 prize money in their pocket.

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