Sandy Peters R.I.P.

Some Suffolk chess players will remember, with fondness, Sandy Peters, father of John.   Sandy passed away on 5 April at his home in Bury St Edmunds, at the age of 80.

In his prime, Sandy was a highly competent chess player.   In 1991, then a member of the Stowmarket club, he was graded 140.   But earlier his highest recorded grade was 156 when he was a member of the Bury and West Suffolk Club, of which he was a two-time champion.   Sandy liked to play in the ‘romantic’ style and was a big King’s Gambit proponent.   He was also a County captain.

He stopped playing competitively in the early 1990s, but maintained a keen interest in the game, watching games online and supporting John as he progressed through his teenage years.

The photo shows Sandy in about 1974. He is the second from the right, adjusting his clock.

Does anyone recognise the other people in the photo?

Sandy‚Äôs funeral will be held at the West Suffolk Crematorium in Risby, Bury St Edmunds, on Monday 30 April, at 3.30 pm.   If you would like to attend, as well as the wake afterwards, please contact John.

2 thoughts on “Sandy Peters R.I.P.
  1. Sad news my sincere condolences John. As for the photo I believe I see a younger version of myself immediately behind Sandy. John Galloway smoking an empty pipe will be recognised by Ipswich players of a certain generation. Guess the event was the Bury Jamboree.

  2. Sandy Peters was a regular at my book stall at the Bury Congresses in recent years, and showed a keen interest in the old chess books.

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