New ECF grades published

The January 2019 ECF grades were published last week.   They can be viewed in full here.

Several Suffolk players have enjoyed substantial improvements in their grade.   The greatest increase (+19) is by James Pack (Bury St Edmunds), who has risen from 136 to 155.   He had been hoping for 160+, but he only played 25 games (+18, =3, -4) in the half-year up to the end of December 2018, so five ‘legacy’ games (at an average of 136) would have dragged him down.

Four other players have improved by more than 10 points:
Mario Saenz de Villaverde (Bury St Eds) +16 (to 96)
Angus Irving (Ipswich) +14 (to 127)
Mike Usher (Saxmundham) +13 (to 161)
Mark Le-Vine (Bury St Eds) +11 (to 198)

There is a new Junior at the top of the Under 18 list.   Long-time leader Alex Sheerin (177) has been pipped by Jaden Jermy (178).   Jaden is at #9 in the national list of Under 14s.   Maintaining third place is 12-year old Adam John (149), with a further four juniors graded 100 or higher.

The top girls are 10-year old Amy John (98) and Jenni Rochford (79).   Jenni squeezes in at #98 in the top 100 Under 16 girls.   As usual, there are few women in the list, with only former Suffolk Ladies’ Champion Vicky Allen graded over 100, as well as Saxmundham’s new member Sarah Rowles.

There are nine Suffolk-based players graded over 200.   They are:
Alan Merry (242), Adam Hunt (229), Adam Taylor (226), Mike Harris (219), Graham Moore and Andy Lewis (both 216), Ed Player (211), Dagne Ciuksyte (210) and David Spence (203). That would be some team in they were all willing to play for Suffolk in the County Championships!

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