Norfolk and Suffolk Cup

The Suffolk Final of this annual competition was played on 27 February, between Bury St Edmunds and current Cup holders Ipswich (see photo below).

Neither club was able to field its strongest team, but the pairings were still well-balanced.   The result was in doubt until very near the end.   It looked as if it would be a win for Ipswich, with Board 2 Tim Lunn in a winning position against Bury’s Mark LeVine.   But Tim inexplicably allowed a pawn fork and lost his rook.  Mark had little difficulty in converting the win.

Meanwhile, on Board 4, Bury’s Zia Quader held firm against Ian Wallis, resulting in a win for Bury by 3½ points to 2½.

Full results (Bury first):
1     Mike Harris (210)   1 – 0   Steve Gregory (182)
2     Mark Le-Vine (198)   1 – 0   Tim Lunn (188)
3     Jaden Jermy (176)   ½ – ½   Martin Fogg (179)
4     Zia Quader (169)   ½ – ½   Ian Wallis (173)
5     Jan Balogh (160)   ½ – ½   Alex Sheerin (172)
6     Steve Lovell (151)   0 – 1   Mike Cook (175)
Average grade: Bury St Edmunds 177; Ipswich 180.

Bury St Edmunds will now play the winners of the Norfolk competition.   The Norfolk final was due to be played at the end of April, between Broadland and Norwich Dons, but this looks unlikely in view of the current virus situation.   It’s therefore probable that the Cup Final will be deferred until the start of next season.

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