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Anglian Avengers enter 4NCL Online League

Anglia Avengers has entered two teams in the first ever 4NCL Online tournament.

The tournament commences on Tuesday 7th April.  Matches are played weekly.  The first league cycle is expected to last for 10 rounds.

In keeping with the 4NCL status as the UK premier league, the time-control is significantly slower than most online games (typically played at blitz speeds) with 45 minutes + 15 seconds per move.

If you are hoping to improve your chess during the lockdown period, this may be an option worth exploring. If you are interested in joining the squad, please contact Andy Lewis:


Or, if you would just like to follow these local teams throughout their online campaigns, the matches and games should be viewable on the lichess.org online chess platform.

Also, last Thursday the Bury St Edmunds Chess Club continued with their regular online chess. This time they ran a 90 minute ‘Arena’ tournament. The club members (handles) scoring the most amount of points in 90 minutes were:


Members of the Bury St Edmunds Chess Club online community can see the full set of results by navigating to:


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