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Avengers 2: Division 2 Mid-Table Final Position

In R10, a heavily out graded Avengers 2 were roundly defeated 0.5-3.5 by Rhyfelwyr Essyllwg.

Anglian Avengers 2 1807 Rhyfelwyr Essyllwg 1986
211 w Hampton, Christopher 1982 e 0 – 1 Brown, Thomas 2129
212 b Marshall, Michael 1840 e 0 – 1 Hewitt, William 1997
213 w Kerr, Rowland 1802 c 0 – 1 May, Adam J 1950
214 b Paez, Alonso 1607 c ½ – ½ McGregor, John 1868
½ – 3½

But, not all matches have equal significance for both sides.  Avengers 2 had already secured a respectable mid-table position in Group A.  For us, this match was nothing more than an end-of-season warm-down.

However, for the least pronounceable team in the league, this was a life-or-death relegation struggle.  To their credit, the Welshmen put up a gallant fight, and were the worthy winners on the night.  We should be grateful to Alonso, scoring his first result in this competition, for avoiding an Avengers white-wash.

Much good did it do Rhyfelwyr.  Mushrooms won their final round against Plymouth, leaving Rhyfelwyr flailing in 7th position in Group C and relegated to Division 3.

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Many thanks to everyone who played for the 2nd team in first 4NCL Online season.  Double thanks to everyone who also emailed me to say how much they enjoyed participating in this new tournament.

It is too soon to say whether this novel type of tournament will persist.  However, at present it seems likely that there will be a season 2, possibly commencing in September.  If this comes off, you can be sure that Anglia Avengers will compete!

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