Probabilities, Natural Justice, and Introduction

You’ve played Chess for over 5 decades.  Deprived of over-the-board play by CV-19, you’ve signed up for some semi-serious online tournaments.  You win a few half-decent games (nothing flashy).

Out of the blue, you discover that the pre-cogs have cast a suspicious glance over your recent seemingly innocuous games.  To your amazement, you’ve been found guilty of cheating.

Your account is closed. The results in your tournament have been nullified. “Where’s the evidence?” you say. “We don’t need to show it to you.” says

How does that make you feel?

Geoffrey Moore describes what it is like to a victim of a miscarriage of digital justice. His article was originally published by En Passant (vol 25: July 2020).

[to be continued]

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